Redeem 400 points by showing the taxi receipt

The campaign to redeem points by coming by taxi

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Redeem “400 One Harmony Point” by showing the taxi receipt when checking in. This applies only when you book the room through our Nikko Style Nagoya Homepage. Please take advantage of this offer when you have much luggage or accompanying children.

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Enjoy Our New Strawberry Treats Only Available For A Limited Time

Enjoy Our New Strawberry Treats Only Available For A Limited Time
January 17 – February 28, 2022
Introducing our new strawberry dessert items you can enjoy with your eyes first

At Style Kitchen, we are offering two new dessert items for a limited time.
A Strawberry Trifle, the ultimate strawberry dessert, made with strawberry Swiss roll cake,
strawberry flavored mascarpone ice cream, and strawberry whip cream, all topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

The other item is Strawberry Pavlova Parfait
A parfait with meringue topped with fresh whip cream and strawberries.
With a hint of rosemary, this dessert combines the tartness and delicate aroma of strawberries.

Strawberry Trifle ¥1800 (including tax)
Strawberry Pavlova Parfait ¥1800 (including tax)

For a limited time only: January 17 – February 28

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Green Tea Sweets Fair

Here comes the best season to enjoy matcha flavors. Style Kitchen “Café & Bar” prepares three kinds of desserts using matcha (each menu is provided every three weeks) and two types of cocktails using green tea for a limited time.

◆Matcha dessert
“Matcha mousse” ¥ 1,300 From May 1st (Sat) to May 21st (Fri)
“Matcha cheesecake” ¥ 1,300 From May 22nd (Sat) to June 11th (Fri)
“Matcha Parfait” ¥ 1,300 From June 12th (Sat) to June 30th (Wed)

◆Hotel original cocktails
“Kumpoo (Balmy breeze) Rhapsody” ¥ 1,200 From May 1st (Sat) to June 30th (Wed)
“Wakabakaze (Summer breeze)” ¥ 950 From May 1st (Sat) to June 30th (Wed)
※All prices are inclusive of tax and service charge.
Reservation & Inquiry : Style Kitchen TEL. 052-433-2582

Date: May 1st (Sat) ~ June 30th (Wed), 2021
Place: Nikko Style Nagoya Style Kitchen “Café & Bar” (1st floor)
Time: 10: 00 ~ 21: 30 (L .O. 20:30)
* Saturday ~ 22:00 (L .O. 21:30)
* Sunday ~ 18:00 (L .O. 17:30)

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One Harmony member special discount privilege

One Harmony members are able to obtain restaurant privilege; 20% off discount from the total payment at restaurant.

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Special Offers for Lunch and Dinner Using JAL COUPONS & VOUCHERS

Offer Valid Through March 31, 2023.
*Exceptions: December 19 – 25,30 – 31 & Jan 1 – 3

Taking Advantage Of This Offer
-Please make a reservation prior to your arrival. For reservations or questions, please call the hotel directly.
-Limited to guests who pay with a JAL coupon or voucher. Please check the dates on the coupon before using them. We cannot honor expired coupons.
-The menu changes with the season.
-The picture is a sample of the meals available.
JAL Coupon Lunch 4,000 yen, including tax and service charge.
JAL Coupon Dinner & 1drink 8,000 yen, including tax and service charge.
Please see Style Kitchen page for more details about the hotel’s restaurant.

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ORIGAMI is a brand of aroma cups and mugs created by Suzuki, the owner and barista of TRUNK COFFEE. They were designed over 5 year, working with potters of Mino ware, resulting in cups and mugs for the ultimate coffee experience.

Barrel Aroma Cup (210ml) ¥1,800 (including tax)
Barrel Aroma Mug (320ml) ¥2,000 (including tax)

Like the barrel preserves and enhances the aroma of the encased wine, these cups and mugs seal the aroma of the coffee in, only letting it to escape through a meticulously designed opening as you take a sip, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate coffee experience.

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Suruga Bay Fair

Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan. Numazu Port, which is located on the bay, is known for its wide variety of catch,
numbering over 1000 different types of fish, including rare deep-sea fish.
Starting in February here at Style Kitchen, we will be offering 3 new dishes featuring fresh seafood from Suruga Bay.

■Black Sea Bream Wrapped and Steamed in Banana Leaves with Golden Pineapple Salsa ¥2400 (Lunch Dinner)

Black sea bream covered in a curry sauce made with slow cooked lobster and spices, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.
A dish full of spices.

■Bounties of the Sea with Fresh Green Sauce ¥4200 (Lunch Dinner)

Shellfish, white fish, and vegetables simmered in fish stock, butter, and cream.
Enjoy fish and seasonal vegetables all in this one dish.

■Yuzu and Herb Marinated Crescent Sweetlip ¥2200 (Dinner only)

Salt cured crescent sweetlip with a simple lemon dressing.
Served with herbal flowers, which add a visual pop and great aroma.

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