Perfect for family trips or a girls’ night out

Bunk Room

Accommodates up to 4 guests in one room

This room features a bunk bed that’s sure to excite children and adults alike!
With its high ceilings, the 30㎡ hotel room feels even more luxurious with the stylish oak-toned wooden bunk bed. The furniture design captures the essence of Nagoya, offering a simple yet cozy ambiance.
We offer two types of Bunk Rooms available on the hotel’s 2nd floor, each featuring bunk beds with different sizes for the upper and lower bunks.

【Type A】
Upper Bunk ⇒ Queen (Bed width 160cm x 1)
Lower Bunk ⇒ Twin (Bed width 100cm x 2)

【Type B】
Upper Bunk ⇒ Twin (Bed width 100cm x 2)
Lower Bunk ⇒ Twin (Bed width 100cm x 2)

<Overview for both Type A and B>
Room size: 30㎡
Capacity: 4 persons (Per room)
*Up to 2 additional children allowed per room if they are sharing the bed.

360°Virtual Tours

You can view 360° photos of the room. (Type B)

Room Features

Room Features

For families

Type A

Queen-size Upper bunk (Width 160cm) & Twin-size Lower bunk (Width 100cm)

【Type A】room with a total of 3 beds is recommended for families with children who like to sleep together.
The upper bed can be used for the father and the child or the siblings, while the lower bed can be for the mother and grandmother, accommodating multi-generational families and more.

For a close friend group or a girls’ night out

Type B

Twin-size Upper and Lower bunk (Width 100cm)

【Type B】room with twin beds for both upper and lower bunks, is perfect for a girls’ night out, close friend groups, and families with children who prefer to sleep individually.
With a window large enough to take up a wall, this room is filled with natural light and a sense of openness.

A design friendly for all generations

The lower bunk features a raised design with a traditional Japanese aesthetic.
With only a small step raised from the floor, it’s a safe design even for young children and elderly guests.

Additionally, each room is equipped with a circulator to enhance air circulation efficiency.

Bedside light switches and power outlets

On the headboard of each bed, you can find convenient power outlets for charging smartphones, gaming devices, and other electronic devices. USB Type A and Type C power sources can also be found here.
Each bedside is equipped with a reading light, and the lower bunk has an interior lighting switch, allowing you to control the lighting from your bedside without having to get out of bed.

Amenities to help make more memories

In the Bunk Room, you can also find a portable planetarium (Star projector) and an electric lantern already installed.
Turn the ceiling into a starry sky and enjoy an indoor glamping experience right in your pajamas!

Room Amenities

・Geneva speakers
・FUKUGEN (restoration) hair dryer pro by LOUVREDO
・BALMUDA The Pot (electric kettle)
・TRUNK COFFEE original drip bag coffee
・49″ 4k TV
・TANITA scale
・Air purifier-humidifier
・Mobile device charging station
・Desk mirror
・Clothes brush
・Disinfectant spray
・Ball-point pen
・Memo pad
・Dilmah’s exceptional series tea
・Bath robe
・Bath towels, face towels, and a bath mat
・Soft toothbrush
・Mouth wash
・Shower gel
・Q-tips, cotton balls, and a hair band
・Shampoo, Conditioner (Kimura Soap 12/JU-NI)
・Body Soap (Kimura Soap SOMALI)
・Bath salt
・Bottled Mineral Water
・Glasses and mugs
・Hotel pillow by Lofty
・Portable planetarium *Special amenities exclusive to the Bunk Room
・LED lantern  *Special amenities exclusive to the Bunk Room
・Circulator  *Special amenities exclusive to the Bunk Room

Nikko Style Nagoya

5-20-13 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture 450-0002

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