Music Philosophy

"A great BGM is one that just exists around you, like air."

Music, being formless and intangible, can affect us unknowingly.

In other words, we can use great music that is carefully written and curated to enrich our daily lives on a subconscious level.

There is rarely a moment of absolute silence in our busy lives.
If you take a moment to really listen, you will hear many kinds of sounds and noises.

Because we are always surrounded by some noise, we at Nikko Style Nagoya, thought to orchestrate what our guests hear to create a comfortable space and inspire something new in their lives.

With that in mind, we have carefully compiled a wide variety of music.

Carefully curated -at times, using computer algorithms- specifically for Nikko Style Nagoya. A specially programmed 24 hour loop to avoid the feeling of repetitiveness. We have chosen specific songs reflecting the time of day. Songs for the mornings, and songs for the evenings. Guests may not even notice, because it is such an organic part of our hotel.

Primarily on the weekends, we will host specially chosen DJs from the local Nagoya area, as well as all over Japan,
-all a concierge of music-. Just as a massage stimulates and relaxes the body, these DJs will bring music to manipulate the air, creating a relaxing atmosphere. We aspire to become the new stage for lounge music.

Our desire is to help our guests discover their new lifestyle with our music, which permeates the hotel.
Kenichiro Nishihara

Kenichiro Nishihara

DJ / Sound Director / Composer / Music Arranger / Music Producer

Starting in 1996, he has produced music in a wide variety of genre, centering on fashion.
Currently, he is the sound director for fashion shows Fashion Week Tokyo and Paris Fashion Week, as welll as in retail buildings such as GINZA SIX and the new Daimaru Shinsaibashiten.
He released his first album “Humming Jazz” in 2008, and has 9 albums as of 2019.
In February of 2019, he released the album”Elastic Afterwords,” which was number one on the iTunes charts in both the album and singles categories.
At Nikko Style Nagoya, he will share his belief, that “A great BGM is one that just exists around you, like air.”


DJ / Producer / Radio MC

DJ Cartoon’s play style freely bounces between TechHouse, Techno, and House. He has collaborated with Dubfire, Mark Night, Roger Sanchez, THE CUBE GUYS, ADRIAN HOUR, ATFC, and DAVID PENN at parties such as House Party “HOUSETRIBE” in Shibuya, and his resident party “WORLD-MARKETZ.” He has been the resident DJ at the TECH HOUSE Party “EDGE HOUSE” since 2019. He has also released an album, “LuXWALTZ selected by DJ cartoon,” which made it in the TOP2 for the Dance music charts on iTunes.
His solo work as CATN, “good morning ▲▲▲,” has also been used in a making-of video of a front cover photoshoot of BLENDA magazine, drawing attention from the fashion world as well. He became a hot topic when he played for world-reknown designer Kansai Yamamoto at his fashion event in 2016.
He has successfully opened pop-up stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, for the brand he produced, MESS THE MAN. It is a brand of street fashion, inspired by the youth culture on the dance floor. Starting in 2020, WORLDMARKETZ is also a part of a regular show on InterFM897 (Kanto area FM radio) in collaboration with TOWER DOORS, a curation media run by Tower Records, and with clubberia, Japan’s largest club music information website.
As for events, WORLD-MARKETZ has organized events all over the world: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Seoul, and Ho Chi Minh. WORLD-MARKETZ connects people and music from all over the world to each other. They will produce the music in our Communal Lobby, bringing people from all over the world and from our local area together.

Hisanori H

Promoter / DJ / Creative Director

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000, he launched his own clothing line, and his merchandise is sold at select stores all over Japan. Later he founded the group ENTIA Creative, for which he directed and designed.
In 2009, ENTIA Creative became a public company.
Not limited to desgining space, ENTIA Creative has planned, produced, and managed parties with promiment artists (both domestic and international), promotional campaigns for national brands, launch events, and more. Since 2002, Hisanori H started work as a DJ. His playstyle ranges from glamorous yet emotional House Sound to hard Techno and progressive House Sound. He also has collaborated with many well known artists.
His unique background sets him apart in the music, fashion, and art world in Japan and in the world.

Nikko Style Nagoya
Nikko Style Nagoya

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