Nikko Style Nagoya

welcome to the Nikko Style experience

Welcoming guests from the first moment
they set foot in our hotel.
The floral arrangements, the tradtions of Nagoya,
the comfortable music, all very fresh,
create a new modern and comfortable space.
Nikko Style Nagoya
Where you can creat your own journey with style.


Meet with the Style

Discovering style.

It is…
experiencing the culture
enjoying the interactions
being surrounded by happiness
enjoying the aroma
appreciating the food
unwinding with good music

Discovering a new you, through your experience at our hotel.

Nikko Style Nagoya – creating a new life style – will guide you to your next journey.

Style of culture
Style of culture

By incorporating traditional art and culture such as a monument of a Shachihoko -a symbol of Nikko Style Nagoya-, Seto ware, and fresh designs created by
artisans of Owari, we created a space in which you can feel the new Style.
Please see for yourself when you feel the traditional art and culture that surround you here such as the basin mirror witha motif of a Shachihoko.

Style of Community
Style of Community

When people come together, new ideas and values are born. Our lobby is an open space, where travelers can connect with and get to know the local culture. Since
long ago, Nagoya has been a place where different peoples and culture intersected and interacted. We will work to make Nagoya a place where tradition meets
revolution, and where the local area meets the world, by having events and venues that allow include the local culture such as DJ booths and workshops.

Style of wellbeing
Style of wellbeing

In order to create a comfortable space for our guests, we pay attention to details in our hospitality. The interiror designs and amenities are carefully selected, and we have designed our guest rooms to make guests feel as if they are in a living room, to ensure that guests are able to rest and unwind. We also have floors where guests are able to opt for a late chekout, making sure guests are refreshed both phyisically and mentally.

style of MUSIC
style of MUSIC

The music played in our hotel has also been carefully selected. Kenichiro Nishihara, our sound director, selects and edits different music for an entire 24 hour
cycle to create a space where you can relax any time, keeping the time of day and season in mind. Enjoy your stay with relaxing music from our DJ event booths and our GENEVA speakers in the guest rooms.

style of ART
style of ART

The building is beautifully decorated with floral designs by Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Designs, with a delicate yet dynamic Nordic touch. We create a vibrant
and beautiful space by combining this bold Scandinavian style with traditional Japanese art such as tapestry made with Arimatsu Shibori, and room number plates made of Seto ware.

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Where we are

10 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station. Walk towards Fushimi Station on Nishiki Dori, and you will see Nikko Style Nagoya before you reach Horikawa. Though we are located in the heart of the city, it is a relatively quiet area, with temples, shrines, and parks nearby. We highly recommend taking a walk or cycling during your stay.

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Nikko Style Nagoya

5-20-13 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture 450-0002

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