Philosophy for coffee

Nikko Style Nagoya Original Blend

TRUNK COFFEE, known for not making special blends, created a special blend for Nikko Style Nagoya.
Using “Poursteady,” a speedy and precise drip coffee maker, we recreate the rich aroma and flavor you would get at their cafe from their baristas.

What is real coffee?

Bringing out the true flavor from the coffee beans...

Our passion for specialty coffee
At TRUNK COFFEE, we use what is called “specialty coffee.” It is the highest grade coffee beans you can get, and only accounts for 5% of all coffee beans in the world.
We acquire the beans raw, and roast them in-house, so our coffee is always fresh.

To deliver the same quality as the single origin Scandinavian Coffee, we have perfected our light roast.
Not only does light roast have a delicate, tangy flavor, it also contains chlorogenic acid, which is said to have great skin
Also, by using “single origin” beans, which are beans sourced from one single place, we ensure the highest quality.

Hand Drip「Poursteady」

Coffee Just Like Baristas Brew

Fast, yet precise with its motion sensors, the reliable coffee drip machine, Poursteady, is used in our hotel. The Poursteady measures, pours, and times each cup to brew the most aromatic coffee, every time. It is able to recreate a cup of coffee that a real live barista would brew in person.
We also use a colofrul Origami brand dripper, made specifically to brew our TRUNK COFFEE blend, adding to your experience.

Nikko Style Nagoya

5-20-13 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture 450-0002

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