Certified “Sakura Quality An ESG Practice”

Internationally Recognized as Taking Steps that Align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Nikko Style Nagoya is the first hotel institution in the area ranging from the Tokai area to the Hokuriku region to be certified the Sakura Quality An ESG Practice, the second of five tiers in ranking efforts made towards sustainability.

The Sakura Quality An ESG Practice is a quality certification for lodging institutions such as hotels and inns making efforts to align with SDGs. It is administered by Sakura Quality, a general incorporated association, which has been recognized as a global standard by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council of the United States of America. The criteria are comprised of 172 items based on the 17 goals of SDGs.

At our hotel, not only have we obtained certification from the Sakura Quality for hospitality, we have also been awarded the Sakura Quality A Clean Practice certificate for health and safety, which focuses on preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

While we are unmatched in our passion and dedication towards coffee and music here at Nikko Style Nagoya, we also strive to be a place that brings people, communities, and the environment together. We vigorously work towards a sustainable future by carefully balancing the environmental footprint we leave and outstanding hospitality, and connecting with the local people and industry through events.

Nikko Style Nagoya

5-20-13 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture 450-0002

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