A 5-hour Tour of Popular Places to Take Pictures

Hello! My name is Onimaga, and I blog about strolling around the city of Nagoya.
Today, I answer the question “what would you recommend seeing if I wanted to go sightseeing on a bike using Nikko Style Nagoya as my hub?”
Here, I’ll share with you what you should check out in the 4-5 hours you have between checking into the hotel and dinner.

Spot 1 : Recharged by Nature at Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle, a leisurely 15 minute ride from the hotel.

It’s such a refreshing sight, surrounded by all the greenery.
There’s an old saying “Owari-Nagoya will endure because of the castle!”
And you can see why they came up with that; the castle is magnificent, the golden shachihoko (a mythical sea creature often found on castle roofs) glistens, and the stone wall is just simply stunning.
My favorite view of the castle is from the side facing Ofukemaru.

If you’re lucky you might see some deer inside the walls!

Spot 2 : Hanging Out at Hisaya Odori Park

Hisaya Odori Park provides are great view of the iconic TV Tower in the Sakae area.
It’s about a 10 minute ride from Nagoya Castle, full of historical buildings, City Hall, and the Prefecture Capitol along the way!
I highly recommend checking out the nice comfy lawn at the northern most part of the park.
Grab some coffee, treats, a book, etc. and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the lawn.
Kids can let loose and run all around too!

Spot 3 : Browsing The Nagoya City Science Museum

On your way to Osu, snap a picture at the world’s biggest planetarium at the Nagoya City Science Museum!

Spot 4: Eat, Walk, and Explore The Osu Area

Nagoya’s biggest shopping district, Osu.
It’s about a 15 minute ride from the TV Tower. We’re finally entering the Osu neighborhood.
In this city full of culture, you’ll find vintage clothing stores, knickknacks stores, electronics stores, anime shops, record stores, Shinto shrines, restaurants, etc.
With plenty of fun alleys to explore, it’s a fun spot to walk and eat!

Spot 5 : Eating Local Nagoya Foods at Osu Seroli

The Osu neighborhood is full of restaurants serving foods native to Nagoya!

Hitsumabushi (rice topped with grilled eel), Miso Nikomi Udon (udon in miso broth), Miso Katsu (pork cutlet with miso-based sauce), Kishimen (a flat noodle), Ten Musu (onigiri rice balls with shrimp tempura inside), Ebi Furai (fried shrimp), Ankake Pasta (pasta with a thick tomato-based sauce), Teppan Spaghetti (spaghetti cooked on an iron plate like a hibachi grill), Tebasaki (Japanese style wings), Doteni (beef sinew stewed in a miso broth), Miso Oden (a variety of fish cakes and vegetables cooked in mis broth), Curry Udon (udon with a curry broth), Ogura Toast (toast with sweet red bean paste)…

There’s no end to this list of local Nagoya foods, but today,
I’ll have an ebi furai and teppan spagetti at Osu Seroli!! Yum!

Spot 6 : Nightscape Photography at Oasis 21

On our way back to the hotel, let’s make a pit stop at Oasis 21 in Sakae, which has a rooftop garden.

When lit up at night, it looks so futuristic.
I love looking at the TV Tower from the rooftop of the Spaceship-Aqua.
This is my favorite spot for taking night time pictures of Nagoya.
You can pick up an interesting souvenir at “Pi Pi tto! Aichi,” an antenna shop (which sell all sorts of local goods).

From here, it’s about a 10 minute ride back to the hotel.

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